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“Who’s that girl, na na na na . . . “

My name is Roxane Sbrava and I am from Lyon in France. It has been more than two years since I started working as a Freelancer in Graphic Design, and so far it has been an exciting, fulfilling and educative experience.

However, wishing to improve my skills in Digital Strategy and Online Marketing, I recently decided to pursue a Master’s Degree “Expert in Digital Strategy” at Digital Campus, situated in Lyon (France).

Simultaneously I’m undertaking an internship as a Web Marketing Officer at TresBizz, an e-commerce company in Almere (The Netherlands). I am constantly surrounded by an international environment, where speaking French and English is a common day practise, and I have to admit that I love my life here in The Netherlands.

My internship stopping at the end of July, I would be pretty interested in joining a company in France on an intern position combining creativity and strategy. My career objective is to obtain a Digital Project Management position within an international organization where I can exercise my diverse linguistic and creative skills.

I would prefer a “Contrat de Professionnalisation” with starting in August. If you are interesting in working together for 1 year, please feel free to contact to discuss possibilities.

+33 6 58 66 05 18